How It Works

Get started with your project at PhD Gurus with our user – friendly work panel. Get access to our expert tutors and resolve all your PhD related issues effortlessly. Just follow these 3 simple steps and get on board with our ingenious guides and mentors.

STEP 1 Become a Member at PhD Gurus

We make it pretty easy for you to connect with us and share your project details.

A – Become a Registered User

Go to our Home Page and click on the ‘Sign Up’ option. Fill in the form with your personal details and click the ‘Submit’ button.


B – Get access to our Tutors

Now that you have become a registered user, you can easily login with your credentials.


STEP 2 Select your appropriate Consultant


A – Choose Consultant

After logging in, you can easily choose whichever type of consultant you are looking for from the drop down menu.

B – Choose your Perfect Consultant

A list of tutors would show up and you can easily choose whichever fits into your criteria. Just click on ‘View profile’ to get a detailed description about the consultants.

C – Get in touch with the Consultant

Click on the ‘Send message’ button on the right to send a message to the consultant.

D – Message Panel

You can keep a track of your correspondance with various consultants in your Message Panel.

STEP 3 Managing your Project


A – Sneak Peak into your User Dashboard

Click on your ‘dashboard’ to see your Project List.

B – New Project

Once your project is accepted by the concerned consultant, it would show up in the ‘Project List’ of your user panel under the this tab. You can go through the details of the project and then click on ‘confirm and proceed for payment’.

C – Project on Process(Payment Done)

When the payment is successfully made and is approved by the respective consultant, the project would show up under this tab.

D – Review the Project

The Projects which have been completed, would show up under this tab. You can review the work done and accept or reject it accordingly.

E – Project Completed

Once the completed project is reviewed and accepted, it would show up under this tab.